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Are you planning to go on holiday and don’t know where to keep your beloved pet cat? There is no need to worry as there are catteries and cat sitters that assist you in this regard. This is the Best Perth Cattery.

But, how do you find a cattery that is trustworthy to keep your pet. 

First, let’s take a look at the different types of cat breeds.

  • Ragdoll cat: Ragdoll cats are gentle, easy-going, and affectionate with people.
  • Persian cat: The Persian has always been a popular breed with families because of the love and devotion it shows its owners
  • Siamese cat: The Siamese cat is also an outgoing, social, and affectionate cat that is also intelligent.
  • Burmese cat: The Burmese cat is popular as a pet due to its loyalty and devotion to its family.
Cattery Northern Southern Suburbs
You may adore your cat, but you may be unaware of how cool she — and her species as a whole — is. Did you know that cats have an extra organ that allows them to detect scents? Or that they invented meowing solely to communicate with humans?

What to look for in a cattery?

Here’s what to look for in a cattery, if you want to leave your fur ball under the best care.

  • Check if the cattery is licensed with the local authority.
  • Ensure that cats can’t escape, that is the boarding ha double doors or a safety corridor.
  • Ensure that you cat is kept separately from other cats.
  • Check if the food and water bowls and litter trays are kept neat and clean.
  • Ensure the pens have a mechanism for heating and are insulated.
  • Ensure that the cattery is apt to administer any required medication to your cat.
  • Check if there is space between pens so that the cats are adequately distanced from one another.
  • See if they ask you about your cat’s vaccinations and if they are up-to-date.

Choosing the proper cattery means that your cat will be comfortable and safe until you return.

Get in touch with the best Perth cattery today, to ensure that your cat gets the highest treatment and comfort.

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